I wish I was there
to hold your hand
when you were younger
crossing streets
with your eyes closed.

I wish I knew
the words to tell you
you are everything
my sunshine and my storm
my strength and my weakness
my love and my fear

Do you know
I love your name
To console
but none
consoled you

You cut off your wings
So I could have them
No happiness without gratitude
No achievement without perseverance
No knowledge without humility
No me without you

Yes mama, I pray
to Mother Mary
Mathave rekshikenney
Like you taught me to
she’ll save me
as she saved you

for what it’s worth
let me repay
your time, your love
your grace, your health
let me put you
on a pedestal
let me console you



Even If

(A self poet-rait)

Even if my butt is a little droopy
and my thighs are a little wobbly

Even if my hair is too frizzy
and my eyes look tiny

Even if one tooth is missing
and one ear is sticking out

Even if one eyebrow is arched
and the other not so much

Even if I squint when I smile
and snort when I laugh

Even if I’m shorter than 5’6″
and prefer comics to picnics

Even if I’m not your image of
what it means to be ‘Woman’

I like me. Very much.

Photography: @meformeraki (follow her on