Breaking the silence

It’s on the tips of our tongues

The words our egos will never let us tell

I look at him; no it will never be the same again

You broke everything I’d try to regain

We’ll move on, you faster than I maybe

For you’ve broken more than mine

And through my rose colored glasses

You’re festooned in my head

I can forget you in a second

But that second will take a year

We both know the story

They say it wasn’t meant to be

They say a lot of things

I’m not made for flings

Will you cut through the ocean

Will I cross the skies once more

To break the silence

Will it be you or will it be me

In this force of gravity

This mutual attraction

Maybe we’ll find salvation.

No I don’t remember us falling in love

But I’m sure that it happened

Gabriel Royal


We are all stardust

There is beauty in the in-betweens
in the infinite discourses of time and space and breath
in the nuances of the unintentional
the moments seen, tiptoe away, unheard

To know all that is within is without
and all that is lost may be found
in recesses forgotten, in disparate encounters
in a look met, a look given

There is depth in the silence
in a view shared, between this and that
in the leap between F minor and A major
when you’re swaying to a tune, but steady

To seek anonymity in travel
Blending in order to observe
and when observed, to be understood
To obnubilate in order to expose

And in the in-betweens, the silence
in every inflection, every glance and riposte
There is meaning in need of cognizance
There are stars in need of fuel.

Stained Mind Strained Heart

I get it, you need your space; I’ll give you voids like the ones in my heart that you haven’t quite filled. I don’t think you ever will.

I get it, you need silence; I’ll reciprocate yours because blabber doesn’t count as actual talk.

I get it, you need distance; I hope the thousand miles we put between us are enough. I’ll stop trying to meet you because I know you wouldn’t try so why should I.

I get it, you need me to trust; I’ll give you the unwavering faith that you think you’ve earned. Maybe one day you actually will.

I get it, you don’t need me. I’ll drift away across the rivers and the roads, place a few voids along another thousand miles, another wall of silence and a veil of distrust between us.