Barfuß am Klavier

Is it okay to want to play

everything at once

I’ll be barefoot at the piano

and naked at the harp

Can I sing you a lullaby

without losing my rhythm

Can I bid you goodbye

but not for eternity

Will you let me come back

and play you Chopin

Will you let me fly away

and learn the ukulele

Do you think I could save the world

one song at a time

Cool down the earth

with my equations

Could I extricate

all your knowledge

Is it a labyrinth

is it too intricate

Can I mix it all

my art and my science

Can I just be

a busker on the street

Would it hurt you to know

I’ve played it all

but all I want to be is

Barfuß am Klavier




I hate you
for the way you make me feel
roses were never meant
to make me bleed

I doubt you
your every step I’m sure
will bring me to deceit
she’ll play out the scene

I fear you
you stone, you drink
you call her and another
and if that’s not enough, Tinder

I lie here
my eyes run dry
sometimes I wonder
why I ever let him go

I don’t know
if you are worth
my thought, my time
my weakling heart and fragile mind

but in the staccato pauses
amidst my teary waterfall
I embrace the violence
born in strange tranquility

Cafe Mojo, Panjim