A Ship Called Pandemonium

I keep borrowing the next second

when all I can afford is the present

You keep forcing your rhetoric

while I fake attention, stoic.


Do you listen to your own advice

Of monsters and mice

painting dreams with lies

staring death down with glass eyes


Ants can love too you know

microscopic intimacy

minuscule proclamations

lilliputian wedding bells


The snake, it hisses

Life is more afraid of you

than you are of it

the snake, it kisses


Beech wood, teak wood

anything but driftwood

I can build a sail

but will you tax me for the wind


I’ll row till I’m through

far away from you

far away from a maddening

world, a saddening sight.


Sail your ship

they said

but always into the tide

to be swept to death

is martyrdom

they said.



Sound of Sin

Sinner I am
For chasing your smile
for riding away
to dance in the darkness
I was a silhouette
you were a heartbreak
all I saw was the night sky
stars peppered it
you embodied it
you were a tightrope
I couldn’t find my balance on
I slipped and swayed
but you held me
with your voice
then let me fall
and when you told me
you’ll be leaving
I didn’t think
you’d be going
so I woke up
to my own reticence
embittered by longing
emboldened by loving
I woke up
to find you losing
your golden dreams
your twisted sins
Now I’ve learned
to avoid the chase
but when I knew you
it was never a choice.

In memory of

Could we trade the next gush of wind for your soul’s return

could we end all sorrow with your laughter

could we go back to the beginning

to when forgetting was a passage

forged from brighter memories.

Can tomorrow take her back to you

can you wish upon the next shooting star

from the bed of roses you lie on

wish for just one more day

just a few more minutes

for her to tell you.

I was absent in my presence

expecting assured tomorrows

I ran away as soon as I heard

I had to use the night’s darkness

shroud myself from the guilt, numb

I didn’t feel pain , just emptiness

just a void where snatches

of our conversations

of conversations about you

spiraled, hurled through my continuum.

I drowned it in the sound of the sea

the vastness of the sky

the grains of sand

each one stuck to me

like the words you never heard

the love you never had.

She’s broken but strong

she deserved to know

who they were, what they’ve done

maybe in a parallel universe

she knows and it’s all okay

and there’s no coffin

and no tears

no silence

and no fears

Maybe one day she’ll know

and when she does

I’ll be there, kuku

I promise you.


All I could do was chase the imprints tattooed in my mind. Lines layer themselves in my head, they settle one by one but in a flash it’s utter chaos, they swirl around like autumn leaves beckoning death. Can you swirl me too, like a child on a carousel with no tomorrow to dread and no yesterday to mourn? When I’m six years old again and my eyes are a brighter hue, I’ll recall the time when sixty was just passing through. And when I’ve found what I wistfully longed for at the hands of the bartender, and the blunts have turned to ash, can you save me from my reflection at the bottom of a bottle?

All I could do was take a break from the chase.


Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you sing
sing me your loudest secrets
your softest pieces

Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you dance
dance me your stories
dance them one by one

Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you paint
paint me your mind’s sunrise
and your heart’s sunset

Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you cook
cook me your fondest memories
your mother’s best, your father’s first

Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you think
tell me things that make me think
tell me riddles, put my mind in a maze

Come undone for me
Don’t tell me that you sin
Rid me of my qualms
Rip me apart and sway me

Come undone for me
as I undo
the threads
of my soul