Breaking the silence

It’s on the tips of our tongues

The words our egos will never let us tell

I look at him; no it will never be the same again

You broke everything I’d try to regain

We’ll move on, you faster than I maybe

For you’ve broken more than mine

And through my rose colored glasses

You’re festooned in my head

I can forget you in a second

But that second will take a year

We both know the story

They say it wasn’t meant to be

They say a lot of things

I’m not made for flings

Will you cut through the ocean

Will I cross the skies once more

To break the silence

Will it be you or will it be me

In this force of gravity

This mutual attraction

Maybe we’ll find salvation.

No I don’t remember us falling in love

But I’m sure that it happened

Gabriel Royal


Too Late for Later

I wouldn’t like to write NET and work as a lecturer,
staring at the faces of those who don’t understand that I too, am a dreamer.

I wouldn’t like to write GATE, get an M. Tech in IIT,
for the security does not compensate the lack of satisfaction of a job in IT.

I wouldn’t like to write GMAT, get an MBA in America,
join the booming crowd of those who’ve lost their roots in Asia.

I wouldn’t like to do a PhD, for the sake of being called a doctor,
a paycheque that leaves you in want for happiness, just like any other.

You might think I’m one of those kids whose romanticized dreams vary
from day to day, never down to earth but on the contrary,

I hope it’s not too late to start a business
in renewable energy, climate change never out of my focus

I hope it’s not too late to educate people on the impact of their actions
on the environment, how it’s important to clean up their nations

I hope it’s not too late to make music that makes you think
and not bass with autotuned vocals meant to make you unthink

I hope it’s not too late to create a chain of goodness
and not more worldwide chains like McDonald’s

I hope it’s not too late for later.

Museum of Goa