Dreaming in the Shadows

Don’t let them paint you blue

when you were born to be

the colour of sunshine.

They will envy

your happiness

and despise

your innocence

but your strength

lies in resistance

let love be your

one sustenance.



Postcard from the Moon

Send me postcards

from moon craters

and hollow spaces.

Send me seashells

burned by the sun

touched by your dark.

Send me roses

from the garden of Eden

cursed by the heathen.

Send me letters

written out of love

signed by another.

Send me a ticket

to leave this despair

to leave their care.

Send me the fare

of that ticket.

Send me

the moon

I’m already in the craters

I only know hollow spaces.


Je Suis Enchante

I see my dreams

they lie in glass bottles

with stoppers made of

my mind’s fuzziness

They toss and turn

like a ship on high seas

a ship in a bottle

once in, never to escape

the entrails of our conversation

lie strewn across the waves

I see a whirlpool

Its froth, my chatter

spiralling inward

Do you see the sails

how they wave for help

to an invisible audience

And the trombone player

breathes faster

Allegro vivace

as it sinks

Your voice

follows me to the end

You guide

the orchestra

of a thousand ships

Je suis enchante

Too Late for Later

I wouldn’t like to write NET and work as a lecturer,
staring at the faces of those who don’t understand that I too, am a dreamer.

I wouldn’t like to write GATE, get an M. Tech in IIT,
for the security does not compensate the lack of satisfaction of a job in IT.

I wouldn’t like to write GMAT, get an MBA in America,
join the booming crowd of those who’ve lost their roots in Asia.

I wouldn’t like to do a PhD, for the sake of being called a doctor,
a paycheque that leaves you in want for happiness, just like any other.

You might think I’m one of those kids whose romanticized dreams vary
from day to day, never down to earth but on the contrary,

I hope it’s not too late to start a business
in renewable energy, climate change never out of my focus

I hope it’s not too late to educate people on the impact of their actions
on the environment, how it’s important to clean up their nations

I hope it’s not too late to make music that makes you think
and not bass with autotuned vocals meant to make you unthink

I hope it’s not too late to create a chain of goodness
and not more worldwide chains like McDonald’s

I hope it’s not too late for later.

Museum of Goa