Dreaming in the Shadows

Don’t let them paint you blue

when you were born to be

the colour of sunshine.

They will envy

your happiness

and despise

your innocence

but your strength

lies in resistance

let love be your

one sustenance.




I was reckless

in my longing.

I was breathless

In your presence.

I found the bones

Of forevermores

In the graveyard of my dreams.

Like a bridge

From autumn’s red

To winter’s white

I bled myself dry.

For you

I bleed my sanity

Away, away,  away.

Unsocial Media

You give your mind to influencers

you weigh your worth in follows

you sing for your unsung heroes

and for those caught in the throes

of choosing between selling art

and artfully selling.

You see them turning the corner

seeking the fame bubble

whilst around them

the earth turns to rubble.

You join the stage

crying for the spotlight

in their popularity theatre

are you any better?

And when reality hits you

like a meteorite sent from above

will you be able to leave

the billion shadows

the million stories

the thousand uploads

the hundred likes

the ten pings

the fake you?




I wish I was there
to hold your hand
when you were younger
crossing streets
with your eyes closed.

I wish I knew
the words to tell you
you are everything
my sunshine and my storm
my strength and my weakness
my love and my fear

Do you know
I love your name
To console
but none
consoled you

You cut off your wings
So I could have them
No happiness without gratitude
No achievement without perseverance
No knowledge without humility
No me without you

Yes mama, I pray
to Mother Mary
Mathave rekshikenney
Like you taught me to
she’ll save me
as she saved you

for what it’s worth
let me repay
your time, your love
your grace, your health
let me put you
on a pedestal
let me console you